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Experience the luxury of boutique and exclusive living in the heart of Tel Aviv

Luxury Urban Living

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, The Bloch 36 is ideal to experience luxury living with a vibrant edge. Located between the quiet and peaceful old north and the lively center of the city, this project has it all. Its convenient location allows tenants to enjoy enticing attractions and an array of amenities that are just a quick walk or bike ride away from home. From cafes and restaurants, to shops, offices and plenty of businesses. Furthermore, the new municipal country is a two-minute walk away from Bloch 36, and it includes a swimming pool, spa facilities, gym, and sports classes that will have you wishing you’d made the move sooner.

An Exclusive and
Intimate Experience in the
Heart of Tel Aviv

The guiding principles that underlie Bloch 36 are detailed and smart planning, high-quality specifications, and vibrant urbanity. The exclusive residential project includes 8 floors with a total of 16 residences – from spacious 3-room apartments to a deluxe penthouse.
The project is built as part of the urban renewal trend, delivering an exclusive and intimate experience in the beating heart of Tel Aviv

The Location
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The Project
Timeless and Modern

The architectural plan was led by an unbeatable combination of timeless and modern design. It emphasizes an environmental landscape that brings nature to your urban lifestyle. The vision of the project was inspired by Tel Aviv’s renowned Bauhaus style, and was entrusted to the Tel Aviv Architects Office MY-ARCHITECTS.

Based on its simple and functional design principles, the architects have dressed a modern façade with natural elements and innovative materials.

Beyond luxurious aspects, Bloch 36 offers convenient amenities such as an intimate lobby, an advanced elevator, a three-story underground parking, a spacious and private warehouse for each apartment, and a bicycle and stroller room.

The Bloch 36 project is a contemporary interpretation of the esteemed Bauhaus style
The Apartments
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Mini Penthouse
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Bloch 36 apartments are made with precise architecture that traces the smallest of details, and brings more natural light than you could have even dreamed of
Floor Plans
Garden Duplex - Basement + Ground Floor
4 Rooms - 1st floor
2 Rooms - 1st floor
4 Rooms - 5th floor
4 Rooms - 5th floor
3 Rooms - 6th floor
3 Rooms - 6th floor
Penthouse - 7th floor
Find the Perfect Apartment
Mini Penthouse
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Technical Specs

The Building

  • Residential building with modern design
  • Exquisitely designed lobby at the entrance
  • Underground parking and digital access control
  • Spacious private warehouse for each apartment
  • Bicycle and stroller room
  • Designed and advanced elevator
  • Camera intercom
  • Environmental surrounding adjacent to the building
  • Built according to green construction standards

Electricity and Communications

  • Designed sockets and switches
  • Color CCTV intercom system
  • Three-phase electricity


Inside the Apartment

  • Full residential air conditioning system
  • Wireless smart home system in the living room
  • Water points in the balcony
  • Granite porcelain tiles in bedroom and living room floors 60/120 / 80/80 available in a selection of models and shades
  • Tiles & cladding in Bathroom floors available in a selection of models and shades



  • Hanging toilets with concealed flushing tanks
  • Bath faucets designed by Grohe (or equivalent)
  • Porcelain ceramic / granite bathroom wall cladding
  • Integral closet with mirror included
  • 4-way interface in bathrooms

Doors and Windows

  • -Designed front door by Rav-Bariach (or equivalent)
  • Quality interior doors made by Pandor (or equivalent)
  • Leading series aluminum used-Meticulous aesthetic design on facades and interiors
  • Insulating glass / triplex glass glazing to ensure a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Electric light stage shutters


  • Kitchen designed by one of the leading and most prestigious kitchen companies
  • Designed faucet with removable head
  • Acrylic / stainless steel sink
  • Preparation for the dishwasher available
  • Water plug for the refrigerator available
* The details on this page are for illustration and information only, and do not constitute any obligation on behalf of the company. The company will be bound by the sales agreement and the technical specifications according to the sales law, which will be signed by the company and the buyers.
Making the right choice

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